Biodynamic Massage

Developed by Todd Jackson of Portland, OR, combines deep tissue (fascial) massage with the art of tuning into the energetic changes that occur in response throughout the entire body with biodynamic cranial therapy. Often this facilitates the unwinding of long-held patterns of tension, stress and trauma. As such, it is a blend of direct and indirect techniques and is a slower and more deliberate form of work. It is not confrontative but rather allows the client’s own healing energy to determine the appropriate depth and path. No breaking and entering. This promotes the body’s own self-healing mechanism to engage, leading to the source of the issue and allowing for the possibility of long-term healing.

Structural Integration

I was trained in Soma® Neuromuscular Integration, a form of Structural Integration. It focuses on deep tissue manipulation of the connective tissue (or fascia) surrounding the muscles and the neural tissue embedded there, which sends sensory information to the brain that allows for new options. Adhesions develop in the fascia from chronic patterns of physical and emotional holding and fascial work releases these glued-down tissues so that the body’s structure can function more smoothly. The self-limiting and restrictive options that have been “hardwired” into the nervous system are given the option for change, allowing the bodymind to reorganize itself in more comfortable, efficient and satisfying ways.

Trager® Bodywork

Using gentle non-intrusive movements such as stretching, rocking, waggling and rolling of different bodyparts, the bodymind habits of holding that can occur on a subliminal level come to the light of awareness, are recognized and are given the opportunity to release. This method engenders neuromuscular surrender, deep relaxation and mental stillness and balance and imparts feelings of effortlessness. Trager®

Dr. Vodder® Lymphdrainage

Lymphdrainage is a gentle, rhythmic and soothing support and boost for the lymphatic system which cleanses the body’s tissues of metabolic waste, excess water, bacteria and toxins. Lymphdrainage lessens edema both acute and chronic occurring post-surgery, through long-term use of medications and chemicals, resulting from soft tissue trauma and inflammation, burns, scars.  As well, a sluggish lymphatic system increases the chance of chronic illness and disease, so seasonal lymphdrainage is a way of exercising your immune system.

Yoga Therapy

I often include simple yoga and movement instruction as an adjunct to my bodywork sessions for my clients’ self-care. I draw from my training in Trager® Mentastics, Soma® Neuromuscular Integration as well as my longtime study of yoga. I completed a second level yoga teacher training with Sarahjoy Marsh of Amrita Yoga Sanctuary and am certified with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Polarity Therapy

An integration of Eastern and Western principles and techniques of healing based on the underlying concept that all energy in the human body is based on an electromagnetic energy field and that disease results from improperly dissipated energy. Polarity Therapy is also called Polarity Energy Balancing and as such it realigns unbalanced energy, and maintains and restores proper energy flow in the body to eliminate dis-ease.

I also incorporate my learning from Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Reiki Energy Balancing.