Befriend Your Body

Deep Transformational Bodywork

Why you are looking for deep transformational bodywork …

You want relief from the acute or chronic pain that you carry in your body. You want more mobility and a greater sense of spaciousness. You have battled a storyline that has developed in your musculature, causing discomfort, limitation or disconnection from yourself. It may become appropriate to tackle limiting tendencies.

Offering Transformational Bodywork, I will be here to create a safe healing container allowing all parts of you to be present. Together we can nurture the easeful, spacious container already held within you that you will love coming home to.

Coming home to and befriending your body brings mindful awareness in places where you may feel less than whole, can reveal the ways your response to life has shaped the way you live in your body and informed your experience of life. By learning to gaze inward on your own inner experience with positive regard as we explore your tissues, you learn to honor your body’s intuitive responses to life.


Bodywork Packages

Maybe you’re experiencing a growing awareness that reveals the un-manageability of your life as it is currently being lived. The process of discovering and transforming old patterns of being in your body that no longer serve you. Supporting you in deepening your awareness of your physical structure and how you interact with it helps you as the client maintain, deepen and sustain transformational changes.