You intentionally created the time to get a massage

So, what do you do after your treatment to get the most out of the bodywork?

When you walk out the door after your massage, the role of “healer” transitions right into your own hands.

You may feel a bit discombobulated and your nervous system may need a little time to reintegrate. You may find yourself wanting to return to well-worn habits of sweets, caffeine, alcohol or cannabis to get yourself back on track. I suggest you really let yourself feel the open spaciousness the bodywork may create and not try and fill it with something comforting. Be with yourself in a new way.

  1. Drink so much water! We have just released many toxins built up in the muscles. Water will flush these toxins out so they don’t settle back into your tissues.

  2. Eat a healthy meal! Your body will be reintegrating. Eating can be grounding and will refuel your system.

  3. Try going without your normal go-to comforts. You know what I’m talking about...

  4. Have some quiet time to reflect on and feel the changes in your body, and listen to what it needs.

  5. Go for a gentle walk or dance! Again allow your body the space to reorganize in a gentle way and make sense of the bodywork with simple, balanced movement.

  6. Get a good night’s rest! Sleep is the best healer of all!

There is lots of research out there on the best ways to take care of yourself after a massage. Google that!

Most importantly: Let me know how your body is feeling post-session so we can adjust and accommodate to your needs.

Thank you for allowing me to work alongside your body’s innate healing capacity!